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Stochastics in Biology Group

There is a growing need for probability in biology giving rise to new and complex mathematical problems. These areas now include not only genetics, evolution and ecology, but also cancer biology, cell and systems biology, neuroscience and epidemiology. Many modeling problems in these different areas share some common mathematical features, structures and dynamics. A number of researchers in probability are discovering new phenomena and developing new methods arising from problems in biology.

The purpose of the Stochastics and Biology Group is to establish a forum for probabilists working on models motivated by or applicable to biology to share information of common interest to this community, such as:

  • announcements for workshops, conferences, and thematics programs
  • posdoctoral positions, and research funding opportunities
  • upper-level undergraduate and graduate level course materials
  • information on journals publishing research in probability and biology.

The IMS Group will host a mailing list, a web page, and a bi-annual newsletter.

To participate in this IMS Group and contribute information that would be of interest to other members of this community please go to: the mailing list website and subscribe to the group.

To send an email to the members of the group you can use the moderated email address: sbg [@]

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