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Publications and Preprints

[25] The adic, Hilbert, cuspidal eigenvariety, F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, V. Pilloni, submitted, 2015.

[24] Halo Spectral, F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, V. Pilloni, submitted for publication, 2015.

[23] A p-adic non-abelian criterion for good reduction of curves, by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita. M. Kim, preprint 2013, submitted for publication, pdf file

[22] Overconvergent Eichler-Shimura Isomorphisms, by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, G. Stevens, preprint 2013, submitted for publication pdf file

[21] Semistable sheaves and comparison isomorphisms in the semistable case, by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Universita di Padova, vol 128 (2012), 131-287 pdf file

[20] Comparison Isomorphisms for Smooth formal schemes, by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, Journal of the Math. Inst. of Jussieu 12 (2013), no 1, 77-151 pdf file

[19] Overconvergent modular sheaves and modular forms for GL(2,F), by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, G. Stevens, to appear in Israel Journal of Mathematics pdf file

[18] p-Adic families of Siegel modular cuspforms, by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, V. Pilloni, to appear in Annals of Mathematics pdf file

[17] On a p-adic invariant cycles theorem, by B. Chiarellotto, R. Coleman, V. Di Proietto, A. Iovita, preprint 2012, submitted for publication pdf file

[16] On overconvergent modular forms, by F. Andreatta, A. Iovita, G. Stevens. This is the first draft where mostly the elliptic case is treated. For the Hilbert case see [19] above. pdf file

[15] Hidden Structures on Semi-Stable Curves by R.Coleman, A.Iovita, Asterisque 331, pdf file

[14] Families of automorphic forms on definite quaternion algebras and Teitelbaum's conjecture, by M.Bertolini, H.Darmon, A.Iovita, Asterisque, pdf file

[13] Global applications of relative (Phi-Gamma)-modules,I by F.Andreatta and A.Iovita, Asterisque pdf file

[12] Anticyclotomic Main Conjecture for supersingular elliptic curves, by H.Darmon and A.Iovita, JIMJ, pdf file

[12] Iwasawa Theory of Elliptic Curves at Supersingular Primes over Towers of Extensions of Number Fields by A.Iovit and R.Pollack, Journal fur die reine und angewande Mathematik, 598, 71-103, (2006)

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