Bucharest University, Bucharest, Romania, B.S. in Mathematics, 1978.

Boston University, Boston Massachusetts, Ph.D. in Mathematics, May 1996

Advisor: Professor Glenn Stevens

Dissertation: p-Adic Cohomology of Abelian Varieties


Professor Concordia University, January 2003-present

Assistant Professor University of Washington, September 1998-December 2002

Postdoctoral Fellow CICMA (McGill University and Concordia University) Montreal, 1996-1998


Banff center, December 2003

Here are some pictures.

Banff Center, August 2003

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Luminy CRIM, France June 2003

Here are some pictures from Luminy.

Université Paris 6, Paris May, 2003

Nottingham University -- July 2001, April 2000, September 1999.

Number Theory Conference, Oberwolfach -- June 2001

Sonderforschungsbereicht Program in Muenster -- April 2001-June 2001, May 1998, May 1997.

Dwork Seminar in Padova, Italy -- May 25-June 6 2001

International Workshop on Continuous representations of p-adic groups, Muenster, Germany, -- November 2000

Automorphic Semester, Paris -- May 2000

International Conference on p-Adic Theories, Venice, Italy -- September 1999.

Padua University, Italy -- May 1998.

International Conference: p-Adic Aspects of the Theory of Automorphic Representations

, Jerusalem, Israel -- February 1998

p-Adic Semester, Paris -- March and June 1997

International Conference on p-Adic Theories, Barcelona, Spain -- September 1996.