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Address and affiliation:
Prof. Marco Bertola, Concordia University
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics,
SGW Campus, LB-901-29,
1455 de Maisonneuve W.,
H3G 1M8, Montreal (QC),
tel: +1-(514)-848-2424 ext. 3228
fax: +1-(514)-848-2831

Research: Selected research Papers

Undergraduate teaching

Winter 2006: Emat 233.
Emat 233: Osculating circle on a 3D spiral
Emat 233: Osculating circle on a "slinky"
ENGR 233: some nice picture and another one.
Emat 233: Surface in 3D with level curves ,tangent plane and normal line.
ENGR 233: formula sheet for final exam
ENGR 233:May 2006 Final
ENGR 233:May 2002 Final
Emat 233 Midterm 1 with solutions (sample)
Emat 233 Midterm 2 with solutions (sample)

Fall 2005: Emat 213 Midterm 1 with solutions
Fall 2005: Emat 213 Midterm 2 with solutions
Winter 2006: Emat 213 outline.
Emat 213 Study Sheet
Emat 213 Final December 2005
Emat 213 Midterm 1 Winter 2006
Emat 213 Midterm 2 Winter 2006
The effects of not teaching resonance in Emat 213 to civil engineers.
A link to the famous footage for the Tacoma bridge collapse

Graduate teaching

Mast 837D/Mast 665

Complex Analysis: Complete, version 2.1 of 26/11/2005
(See Changelog.txt)
This is the complete course, provided "as is" for the students of this course. There are for sure several typos and possibly some errors. If (rather, when) you find errors, please tell me.

Mast 837J/Mast 661G

Riemann Surfaces and Theta functions, chapters 1-6 (version 2: major revision of numbering of equations and propositions and minor corrections. Version 2.4; minor corrections) of 20/11/2006
Same disclaimer as above.