<----Yes, it is me at 1999 PRODYN conference in Stefan Banach Center , Warsaw, Poland.

The photo was taken by Michal Misiurewicz himself, and I am in a good company: on the left Anthony Manning, on the right Stefan Banach.

----> And here I am at Banff International Research Station attending conference Measurable Dynamics, Theory and Applications, August 5-10,2006.
pg in Banff

Pawel Góra                                                   Dynamical Systems

Mathematics & Statistics

Concordia University, Montreal

I have spent most of my life in two beautiful cities:Warsaw, Poland and Montreal, Canada. And this is another place I like very much.

Teaching:   This semester I teach  Math 370.
                    In Winter 2024 I will teach Math 365
The materials for courses is posted on Moodle.

Bedlewo 2017 presentation on Periodic Islands (pdf + pictures)

MASA presentation December 28, 2012 "Iterated Function Systems and Fractals"

Areas of Interest: Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory. In particular: absolutely continuous invariant measures for piecewise expanding transformations and their properties, Perron-Frobenius operator, complex dynamics, fractals, fractal image compression.

Current Research Projects:
*) Maps with memory and resulting higher dimensional families of maps.
1) Invariant measures (mainly absolutely continuous) for multi-valued maps.
2) Random maps approach to systems with holes or meta stable systems.
3) Chaotic properties inherited by lower dimensional subsystems from their higher dimensional "parent systems".
4) Absolutely continuous invariant measures for piecewise linear maps.
5) Submaximal eigenvalues and implications of their existence.

Smith-Slatkin model bifurcations

Newest Preprint : ACIM on periodic islands.

 Island 0:  6 billion points  and all 175 islands numbered (island k = G^k(island 0))
island 0numbered

More islands:  Island 1 , Island 8, Island 15, Island 64, Island 75, Island 92, Island 106

G-map or Maps with Memory

Preprint: Family of W-maps   and even newer Succesive Maxima Map

Preprint: Metastable Systems as Random Maps

Market game program   and  Corresponding preprint


Preprint: A random map description for quantum superposition

Preprint: Invariant density for general piecewise linear  maps + Mathematica 8 program to obtain the density

Economics200s program for the economic model

N-band maps model : Maple programs

e-mail: pawel.gora@concordia.ca
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